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Design Services Heat Exchangers

Maximizing Heat Transfer Efficiency: Our Design Services for Heat Exchangers Deliver Reliable and Innovative Solutions

Design Services Heat Exchangers

From developing 2D detailed manufacturing drawings, fabrication drawings and 3D CAD modeling to engineering analysis for heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics, we support heat exchanger design and calculations of plate, frame, air cooled, shell and tube, tube-in-tube, fin and tube heat exchangers.

At Designit4u we deliver heat exchanger design services for all types of heat exchangers including plate heat exchanger design, frame heat exchanger design, air heat exchanger design, air to air, spiral, double pipe, tube, cross flow, tubular, spiral tube, water to air, steam, water cooled, condenser, counterflow, compact, oil, high pressure, kettle type, double tube, coil, air to water, tube fin, brazed plate, and tema heat exchanger design.

The mechanical engineering designers at Designit4u enable manufacturers effectively design & develop all the components of heat exchanges including tube, channel partition plates, shell baffles, tie rods, shell barrel and channel barrel, dished heads and flat heads, nozzles, flanges, tubesheets, expansion bellows, etc.

Ourindustrial equipment designteam utilizes industry leading CAD drafting and 3D solid modeling tools such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks,to develop detailed and accurate drawings and models of heat exchanging devices.

  • 2D detailed drawings, manufacturing drawings and fabrication drawings with BOM
  • 3D CAD modeling and assembly animation for visualization
  • Thermal and structural analysis for heat exchanger using FEA
  • CFD based fluid flow analysis, pressure drop analysis and conjugate heat transfer studies

Engineering analysis experts in our team also assist you to validate the heat exchanger design, predict the flow behavior and perform necessary design optimization prior to actual manufacturing through CFD and FEA application.

Designit4u also supports reverse engineering projects to recover design information, determine design intent and failure conditions for heat exchangers to establish accurate warranty and servicing schedules.

Other Details:

  • Non-linear structural analysis
  • Buckling analysis (non-linear buckling analysis and eigenvalue buckling analysis)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Coupled Field Analysis

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