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Fluid Structure Interaction

Optimizing Performance with Fluid-Structure Interaction: Our Services Ensure Your Systems Run Smoothly

We are offering Fluid Structure Interaction.The flow of fluids through pipe connections, flow meters, valves, distributors and over airplane wings, turbine blades and other structures can generate unsteady forces on the surrounding parts that cause them to move. Sometimes this movement is intentional and necessary, and sometimes it is unintentional but unavoidable. In either case, it is important to understand the impact of fluid forces on the surrounding equipment and its performance. We can help you to understand and solve product design challenges related to this fluid–structure interaction (FSI).


Flow-Induced Vibration

Flow-induced vibration can cause catastrophic failure of a structure if its natural frequencies “lock in” with the shedding frequencies of the flow. Short of catastrophic failure, flow-induced vibration can reduce equipment performance and lead to failure through fatigue. Engineers must understand the sources of this vibration, along with related amplitudes and frequencies, to produce designs that can withstand them. We can help by simulating the flow-induced vibration of objects ranging from small sensors in cross-flow in a pipe to large turbine blades.

In many cases, engineers need to use fluid analysis and structural analysis together — calculate the thermal stress of an electronic board; examine the stress on a plane’s wing investigate the influence of wind or fire on architectures

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