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Part Design Services

Creating Parts that Fit Perfectly: Our Part Design Services Ensure Maximum Efficiency and Performance

We are offering Part Design

Are you struggling with part design:

  • Is it strong enough?
  • How can I make it?
  • Is it cost effective?

Part Design:

  • Function analysis – How can this part perform the tasks we require
  • Cost effective design – What is the most efficient way to develop and then manufacture this part
  • Design for manufacture – How can this product be simply manufactured
  • Reliability analysis – How can we design this product to last for the desired lifetime

Some examples of these are:

  • 3D Parts – Machined, cast, fabricated
  • 2D Parts – Profiled, machined, stamped
  • Sheet metal parts – Flattenable sheet metal parts and weldments
  • Plastic – Injection molded, rotomoulded, cast

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