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FEA Analysis

Engineering Precision at Your Fingertips: Our FEA Analysis Delivers Accurate and Reliable Results

Being a market leader in this domain, we render the best quality of Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Our qualified professionals solve all types of mechanical engineering and structure engineering analysis problems over the internet just as effectively as being in client office. Owing to their high effectiveness, these services highly demanded.

Other Details:

  • Cost effective
  • Systematic execution
  • Timely execution
  • Highly effective

Other Details:

  • Our clients with low cost, reliable and professional finite element analysis (FEA) engineering consulting services over the internet.
  • Using the power of the internet we are able to participate in your design projects just as effectively as being in your office.
  • We can help solve all types of mechanical engineering and structure engineering analysis problems.
  • We use Compute Aid Design (CAD) tools to do the design and drafting documentation which can be used for FE Analysis.
  • Our clients can also simply send us any type of CAD file and we then convert, import and mesh the geometry in our FEA programs.
  • Area of Expertise

Structure Stress Analysis:

  • FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
  • Geometric Nonlinear (Large deflection, large strain, etc.)
  • Material Nonlinear (creep, plasticity, viscoelasticity, hyperelasticity, etc.)
  • Contact Nonlinear (friction, )
  • FEA Static stress Analysis
  • FEA Dynamic Analysis
  • Transient Impact Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Random Vibration Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Spectrum Stress Analysis
  • Fracture Analysis
  • FEA Fatigue Analysis
  • FEA Buckling Analysis
  • FEA Structure Stress Analysis

Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services:

  • Steady State Analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Conduction Analysis
  • Convection Analysis
  • Radiation Analysis
  • Phase Change Analysis
  • Electromagnetics FEA Services
  • Low-Frequency Stress Analysis
  • High-Frequency Stress Analysis
  • Design Optimization FEA Consulting
  • Couple Fields FEA Engineering Services

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